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Come with me to explore my process of creating Dawn, a hangover-cure that doesn't care what you did last night.



The idea for this project was sparked by a rising trend known as "indie sleaz." Drawing from the 2008-2014 Tumblr scene, the fad encompasses more than fashion – it denotes an individual who sports smeared mascara, messy hair and ripped tights, indicators of a night well spent and a life well lived.


This trend in particular sparked my interest because of its stark contrast to the "that girl" aesthetic, which took Tik Tok by storm in 2021. "That girl" has her life together in every way: She wakes up at 5 AM to meditate and do yoga, drinks green juice, goes to therapy, maintains 4 hobbies while succeeding in her full-time job, and surrounds herself with pretty friends and a perfect significant other. "That girl" is everything you are not and never will be. "Indie sleaz," on the other-hand, throws the ideals of the perfect girl in the air and throws back a shot of tequila. This exaggerated caricature of the party-girl eats chips for breakfast before walking to work in the face of makeup she slept in, all to the tune of Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)."


In creating a brand that encompasses this carefree party culture, an image of a woman with coal black hair and equally dark makeup came to mind. This is how Dawn was born. 


Dawn is successful, obsessed with city-life, and coolly unavailable. She's up till 4 AM and in her office overlooking Central Park by 9 AM. She's beautiful in a way that kind of scares you, and her under-eyes are fashionably purple. Dawn has a meeting in 5, drinks in 30, and absolutely doesn't care what you did last night.

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