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Angelus Hall

Branding and Website

A re-branding project for local band Angelus Hall. 

Creative Director: Heather Osman

Website Designer: Heather Osman

Logo Designer: Heather Osman

Photographer: Eric Hunter

Heather was very thorough and patient when it came to understanding our goals. She was organized in her approach to learning about our personalities and style... She was very easy to work with. We noticed we looked more professional, and our social media was more attractive to viewers, steeply increasing our followers and also our compliments on this aspect of the business... This process was very time efficient, and she maintained our confidence throughout. 


Overall, we are happy we chose to work with Heather, and we would recommend her to those looking for similar help. 


-Eddie Hannon, Member of Angelus Hall


the process

Creating the visual direction for the photoshoot served as the foundation for the rest of the project. Therefore, this was the most planned and researched step.

the photoshoot

Photographer: Eric Hunter

Creative Director: Heather Osman

the logo

Bold and clean with a touch of interest

the website

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