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Betty's Quality Healthcare Sitter Service

This project involved a complete rebranding, including a new logo, visual identity, brochure, and business card. Explore their services at  


The Process


During onboarding, it became apparent that BQHCSS's most valuable asset was its variety of services. This also became the main challenge of this project: how do we showcase everything this business has to offer, while also keeping the design– and visual identity– clean and un-cluttered? Using my layout knowledge and input from client Bettyann Gordon, we increased the size of the brochure with minimal cuts to the original copy.

After the main concern was mitigated, I moved onto the brochure and business card's visual design, which would adopt the important job of becoming the business's overall visual identity. For this part, I collaborated with web designer Miguel Solis to choose the font, color palette, and to digitize/remake the logo. As a healthcare provider, Betty's clients look for dependability, cleanliness, and simplicity. Therefore, all visual decisions were made with these traits in mind.

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